2021 Hamfest

General Information:

The 2021 edition of the Black Warrior Hamfest will be held in Northport, Alabama at the Tuscaloosa County High School Gymnasium; 12500 Wildcat Dr, Northport, AL 35475. The event is scheduled to open the doors to the public at 8:30 am, closing at 2:00 pm.  Please visit other menu options for specific information on Testing, Forums, and Vendors.

The indoor air-conditioned portion of the Hamfest, includes double the floor space from the 2019 site.  Testing and Forum rooms will be designated within the facility as needed.  Forums may be limited, based on COVID restrictions in place at the time.

All items sold at the Black Warrior Hamfest, by the primary, new-in-box vendors are subject to 10.0 % sales taxes.

Indoor / Outdoor Tailgating

Due to the expanded floor space of the 2021 edition of the Black Warrior Hamfest, we request that all persons participating take advantage of free table access inside the main Hamfest venue.  The BWH is excited to offer this availability to help avoid the hectic Alabama weather in June, that could include heat, rain or who knows.  Admission of $10.00 is required.


Everyone inside the Hamfest area, must purchase an admission ticket. Vendors, Exhibitors and Volunteers should register and receive their credentials during established setup times.  Admissions to the 2021 Black Warrior Hamfest is $10.00 for adults.  Elementary – High School Students, along with Boy Scout, Girl Scouts, $5.00

Food and Concessions

Food and drink provided at the Hamfest, will be provided by local food-truck vendor(s), as well as surrounding resturants.  The Black Warrior Hamfest will not actively participate in the food vending aspect of the Hamfest .  All menu items, and pricing are established by the food vendor(s).  The Black Warrior Hamfest Association releases any and all claims with respect to the food-truck vendors, their products, menu, and prices.


Free visitor parking is provided at the Hamfest venue. All visitors should park in valid parking  locations, in lined and marked parking slots.  Handicap parking may be designated by striping of the slot, or by designation of areas with signage.  Visitors blocking traffic, or park in non-valid parking slots, or park in handicap accessible slots, without proper credentials, will be towed at owners expense.


With the exception of properly identified service animals, any pets, or animals of any type are not allowed inside the Hamfest indoor venue.  Any visitor that has an animal accompanying them, should take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of all attendees, as well as clean after themselves.

Generators / Flammables

Gasoline generators are not permitted within the indoor areas of the Hamfest venue.  In the event a generator is used outside the event, prior approval from the Association Hamfest Director is required.  Flammable liquids such as, but not limited to gasoline, propane or kerosene, are not allowed inside the Hamfest indoor venue.  Outside storage of such items requires proper storage container as required by law.