Why A Hamfest

Amateur Radio Operators throughout West Alabama have wanted to host an area Hamfest in the Tuscaloosa area for years. In the past, groups of Hams worked very hard to make a Hamfest a reality, but it never caught on.  Recently, members of the local Ham community rekindled the thoughts of organizing an event for the Tuscaloosa / West Alabama area.  Those plans continue to develop what we hope to become a yearly Black Warrior Hamfest.

The Black Warrior Hamfest Association is a volunteer group of area Ham Radio Operators, regardless of any specific club affiliation, that want to see those plans come to fruition. The Association invites all Hams that want to participate and support the Black Warrior Hamfest, to get involved in the event planning and actively participate in the yearly event.

Articles of Association, May 15, 2018
Charter Members, May 15,  2018
Selection of Officers, May 15, 2018
Association Callsign Trustee, May 15, 2018